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About Made In Lagos Trade Fair

If taken as a country on its own, Lagos would be amongst the largest economies in Africa. It has been able to diversify its economy and to considerably reduce its dependence on oil allocations. But its potentials are still huge if it invested in skilled labour force, reduced its bureaucratic hurdles and adopted an inclusive development approach.

Lagos has emerged as a major hub for the headquarters of national and global companies and the complex business and professional services that support them. With a population well over 20 million, Lagos is the seventh fastest growing city in the world, and the second largest city in Africa. Lagos is not only becoming a “megacity” in terms of population but it is a global city with a substantial and growing foreign-born population and non-stop flights to hundreds of destinations around the world.

With a population of over 20 million, Lagos State is burdened with the provision of essential infrastructural facilities including employment for the ever growing army of the unemployed. Although, unemployment is a national challenge, the metropolitan nature of the state complicates its situation. In order to proffer solutions to the lingering crisis of unemployment, the present administration in Lagos State under Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode cemented its desire for an entrepreneurial spirit in the citizens of the state by establishing the Ministry of Wealth Creation and Employment.

This in conjunction with the vision and mission of Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs to unite and empowers young entrepreneurs in Africa to network socially and financially, thereby developing a generation of outstanding entrepreneurs. Our collective intellectual capital develops market-leading businesses and networks, to play a key role in raising African prosperity.

The two party have decided to partner to create this opportunity which will help young and indigenous Entrepreneurs to grow their businesses to a level of sustainability and profitability thus creating jobs opportunities in Lagos.


It's often said that a Nation that embraces the activities of entrepreneurs is a prosperous one, more so, a Nation that values the products and services of entrepreneurs in her state will flourish.

Made in Lagos Trade Fair, is an initiative of Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs, Lagos State chapter, supported by Lagos State Ministry of Wealth Creation and Employment whose focus is to celebrate the creativity and innovation of the Lagos State Entrepreneurs. Much more, it is to bring about socio-economic networking among young and budding entrepreneurs in Lagos while harnessing their God given potentials towards Nation building.

This will also give young entrepreneurs opportunity to project, promote, showcase, and market their goods and services to a large audience, it will also help to sensitize and create awareness of our heritage for Nigerians to accept and patronize locally made product.

Benefits of the Program

  • Among other things, this program will give opportunities for Entrepreneurs to expose their brands to the public and the larger market.
  • It will serve as an eye-opener for other budding entrepreneurs to brace up their efforts after listening to the guest speakers from grass to grace story.
  • There will be room for more entrepreneurs to emerge in Lagos State.
  • It will also be an eye-opener for the government that there are more creative individuals in Lagos with budding skills and talents waiting to be harnessed
  • It presents the opportunity to market and promote made in Lagos products to the world.
  • It will serve as an opportunity to showcase the avalanche of ideas amongst the Youth in Lagos.
  • Supporting to achieving the overall goals and objectives of the Ministry of wealth creation and employment
  • It equips and prepares the youth for the entrepreneurial ecosystem by encouraging skill acquisition training.
  • Empowering young, startup, budding and SMEs to grow their business
  • Capacity development for Startups, SMEs and businesses in Lagos
  • Solving unemployment challenges in Lagos
  • Celebrating creativity and innovation in LAGOS @50

The combination of growing domestic demand, the concentration of resilient manufacturing industries able to tap into political support at the state and federal levels, offers Lagos product makers a once in a generation opportunity to fully emerge from the shadows of the country’s toxic dependence on the oil and gas sector.

Thus, Lagos Entrepreneurs must seize this moment to engage their citizen, Government, and investors to patronize, promote and invest in locally made product, indigenous business and local market respectively.

As Lagos is already the central commercial hub in Nigeria, such incentives will lower the cost of production at the long run and enhance its appeal to investors, allowing Lagos to reach its full economic potential.


Opeyemi Adeyanju

State Executive Director, Lagos

Africa's Young Entrepreneurs (A.Y.E)

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