Still in the spirit of celebrating Lagos 50

The Next Big Thing In Lagos

Jun 20, 2017 10:46:46 pm


Do you know the next very big thing happening in Lagos which brought to you on a platter? The MADE IN LAGOS TRADE FAIR is the next thing you have been waiting for whether you like it or yes!  Doesn’t it have a good ring to it?

Made in Lagos Trade Fair in partnership with the Ministry of Wealth Creation and Empowerment Lagos is celebrating creativity, innovation and originality in all of their glories through the first expo for products and services made in the city.  This is done in the same spirit of celebrating the great Lagos state at 50.


Now is the time for you to know the who, what, when, and where about the Expo.  Wait on it…

Who… The Made in Lagos Expo is meant for anyone who wants to promote their brand, products and services.  It is also for young entrepreneurs who need a platform to project, promote, showcase, and market their goods and services to a large audience.  It is finally an expo for every Lagosian who is willing to learn everything about how to succeed in their chosen industry.

What… The expo aims to bring about socio-economic networking among young and budding entrepreneurs in Lagos State while harnessing their God-given potentials towards Nation building.  It is also an expo for an education, sensitization, and awareness creation for the Nigerian heritage and locally made product and how patronizing them would go a long way to solve the resource curse problems affecting development.  In the same vein, the classes and sessions would help SMEs to grow geometrically, create sustainability for local businesses, attract investment and investors to the state, as well as build the Lagos of our dreams. 

When… Tuesday, 2nd of August through Friday, 4th of August, 2017

Where… Adeyemi Bero Auditorium, Alausa Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria.

 For those who want to position their brand in the first ever indigenous trade fair for Made in Lagos, you have been covered already.  N5000 and you get an exhibition stand. 


If you are interested in volunteering , the expo gives you the opportunity to participate in creating history.  Visit the website, do the necessary and you will definitely be shortlisted.

If you are not an indigenous entrepreneur producing locally or rendering a service that can be exhibited, but you want to learn how to contribute positively to the economy, here’s your opportunity also.   Join the master class sessions to be educated on the latest techniques, updates, tips, pros and cons, and even technologies that are important for you to succeed in your industry.  Experts in their various industries would be there first hand to share experiences with the participants.

We can feel your excitement already.  Now, dear Lagosians, let us countdown together, 42 Days, 11 Hours, 20 Minutes, 37 Seconds to go!!!

 It’s the Made In Lagos Trade Fair… blink and you miss it.

Eko o ni baje o

 For more enquiries, visit the website Position your brand in the First Indigenous Trade Fair for Made In Lagos. Get an exhibition stand for as low as ₦5000.00k

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