Still in the spirit of celebrating Lagos 50

How to Exhibit

Still in Spirit of Celebrating Lagos @50.

The purpose of Made-In-Lagos Trade Fair is to create an avenue for Indigenous brands, products and services to be showcased to consumers. It's often said that a Nation that embraces the activities of entrepreneurs is a prosperous one, more so, a Nation that values the products and services of entrepreneurs in her state will flourish.

Made in Lagos Trade Fair, is an initiative of Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs, Lagos State chapter, in with support from Lagos State Ministry of Wealth Creation and Employment whose focus is to celebrate the creativity and innovation of the Lagos State Entrepreneurs. Much more, it is to bring about socio-economic networking among young and budding entrepreneurs in Lagos while harnessing their God given potentials towards Nation building.

This will also give young entrepreneurs opportunity to project, promote, showcase, and market their goods and services to a large audience, it will also help to sensitize and create awareness of our heritage for Nigerians to accept and patronize locally made products.


Every companies, brands or entrepreneurs that wish to exhibit products and services during this 3Days Exhibition must meet the following conditions for registration to be approved.

  1. Business Location

    Prospective Exhibitors must have there business located in Lagos State and its immediate environment. At least their production centre or Headquarters.

  2. Source of Raw Materials

    Products must be made with at least 60% locally sourced materials.

  3. Exhibits Categories

    All products and services i.e. The Exhibits shall fall into "The Exhibits Category of Made-In-Lagos Expo".

All payment should be made to:




ACCOUNT NO: 0223805441

Please, send Payment detail to

#Teller No:
Depositor's Name:
Payment Date

Exhibits Category

  • Fashion
    • Women Wears,
    • Men Wears,
    • Women Accessories,
    • Men Accessories,
    • Women Shoes,
    • Men Shoes,
    • Kids Wear,
    • Wedding Attire/Dress,
    • Fabrics
  • Health
    • Dietary Supplements,
    • Natural Products,
    • Oral Care,
    • Sexual Wellness,
    • Skin Care
  • Beauty & Cosmetics
    • Fragrance,
    • Make-up,
    • Hair & Hair-Care,
    • Skin Care
  • House & Office
    • Home furnitures,
    • Kitchen Furnitures,
    • Living Room,
    • Bedroom,
    • Offices Furnitures,
    • School Furnitures,
    • Equipments & Tools,
    • School Materials
  • Foods & Drinks
    • Beverages,
    • Grains & Pastas,
    • Snacks & Confectionaries,
    • Cooking Ingredients,
    • Dry/Baking Goods,
    • Agricultural Products
  • Arts & Crafts
    • Paintings,
    • Drawings,
    • Sculptures,
    • Print Making,
    • Decoratives,
    • Computer Arts,
    • Textile Crafts,
    • Wood Crafts,
    • Paper Crafts,
    • Pottery & Glass Crafts
  • ICT Products & Services
    • Software,
    • Gadgets & Devices,
    • Services,
    • Web & Mobile Apps
    • Other ICT related products
  • Groceries
    • Cleaners,
    • Paper Goods,
    • Personal Care,
    • Produce
  • Books & Media
    • DVDs & Movies,
    • Books,
    • Music

Procedure for Participation